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Please feel free to leave any comments, criticisms, recommendations here.                       (But please, go easy with criticisms lol)

Any topics or features that you would like me to add. Whether you thought the site was usefull or not. Your views and comments will be much appreciated.


4 Responses to Contact Us!

  1. rebecca says:

    Hello – I look after a website for a new Channel 4 religion and ethics show called Every week we have a different theme, such as whether it’s wrong to be rich, or Ramadan, and then every evening after the news there is a 90 second film, showcasing a different speakers response to that theme. We had a film about Shiria law last night, in response to the theme ‘are we too soft on lawbreakers?’ and someone linked over to your blog.

    I am interested to see if we might be able to regularly send films over your way to get comments from the Islamic perspective. We really want to represent all faiths on the website, both with the actual speakers and the people leaving comments.

    Is there someone you can think of, who would enjoy commenting on short films etc?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Muslimah says:

    Salaamalaykum akhi

    the name of blog is not honouring the data on the blog.Keep an Islamic name which will act like a torch to high light the deen of Allah subhanawatala

    hefty seems a nick name and 1986 may be your year of birth.

    this is my advice,

    ad deenu nasiha

    salaamu alaykum

  3. mogreen88 says:

    Bro if you could add my blog to your blog list inshAllah:

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