A letter from aseer in Bangladesh

All Praise is for Almighty Allah, Who alone is worthy of worship and besides
Him there is no other Ilah. He is One without any associate. He, Who has sent 
the Furqan to distinguish between right and wrong. All praise is to Him Allah, 
Who Gave Ibrahim (As) Hidaya and saved him from the burning fire of the idolworshipping 
Mushriks; He Who saved Musa (As) and Bani Israil from the tyrant 
Pharaoh and his followers, strengthened Isa (As) with the Hawarin; He who 
saved Rasool (saws) and the Mu'minin in the cave of Abu Taleb and has failed 
the plots of the Kafir, Mushriks in all ages and given victory to the Mu'minin. 
My salah and salam to Rasool (saws), his family, his companions and to all those 
who follows him till Qiyama. I seek Dua and forgiveness for the Mu'minin, the 
blood of whom has stained this land. I bear witness that there is none worthy of 
worship but the Almighty Allah and Muhammad (saws) is him slave and messenger. 
This inscription is an anguish of broken hearted, repressed and despaired Mu'mins, 
some of whom have no more strength left in them to take the least abuse. The 
distressed slaves pray to their Lord for help. Today, they are imprisoned in the 
hands of most evil oppressors. Most of them passing days in the dark, filthy cells 
of rigorous torment, their hope and desires have come to a standstill in the brutal 
walls of the prison. 
They often gave away the hope of freedom from the demeanor of the heartless, 
savage tyrants. But they never gave away hope of the Mercy of Allah (SWT). 
The vindictive, merciless torment by these sick barbarians forced many brothers 
to the verge of losing sanity and many of them did. Today, they look helpless, 
speechless. The servants of the tyrant Jews and Christians have broken every 
barriers of inhumanity. The brothers are undergoing relentless punishment, insult 
and inhumanly cruel treatment. Why this retribution? What is their crime? 
Their only crime is they are Muslims of Tawheed. There are many of them who 
stories of arrest and abuse are indifferent. One of them shared his story as follows: 
It was late in the afternoon. I was walking down the road, when a speeding 
black vehicle passed by. In a moment it took turn and braked in front of me. 
Before I could understand anything they tied my eyes, put me onboard and left 
the spot in a great haste. When they opened my eyes I found myself alongside 
a dirty pool. A man hurriedly tied my face and nose with a soaked towel and 
started pouring water over me. Another hurled abuse from the side "whatever 
we did in the car is just the beginning. You didn't open your mouth you son of a 
bitch! Now your father will speak!" Four men pulled my hands from behind and 
two stepped on my feet. I could see death in front of my eyes. 
Remembered the incident of Ammar Ibn Yasir (RA)'s torture when he was tortured 
by douching in water. They bombarded me with questions every few instants. 
Felt that death is a lot better than this agony. Seeing my unwillingness to 
cooperate one of them swore "the son of a bitch needs hot water" and increased 
the time of spilling. Felt death is now inevitable. When you are facing death only 
Allah (SWT) knows- from where so much strength comes to your body; with the 
violent shaking of my body the men lost the grip of my hand and fell on top of 
one another. In this way continued the struggle for life and death. 
In state of helplessness they tied my eyes and were taking me to an unknown 
destination. When I opened my eyes found myself in pitch dark. Felt pain in 
moving the tired drained body from one side to another. I wanted to sleep but a 
sudden bright light of electric bulb took away the sensation. At the very instant 
few men entered and pulled me up. They tied my hands and legs and placing 
them in a wooden frame, they placed sticks underneath my arms and legs. My 
head hanging upside down, my feet attached to my lower back. 
Two men who seemed like officers entered with heavy sounds of boots, accompanied 
by few guards. Everyone was wearing uniform. It was not too difficult to 
understand that this was the infamous elite force (RAB). The man who looked 
liked the officer shouted out loud. Hit after hit on the knees, lower back and 
feet caused blood to rush out of the bruises. "Bastard! Disclose while there is still 
time, your life will be spared". Cannot say how long this lasted. 
Gaining consciousness, I found myself lying in bedding in a tiled floor. I was no 
long in the he dark damp room. I heard mild voices, "why did you have to do 
this to him?" At the same time I noticed an officer standing beside me. He 
tried to console me as if he felt I was maltreated. "Nothing will happen to you, 
only help us a bit. You are a citizen of this country and even the torture you 
have gone through can be called for justice. The terrorist are the enemies of the 
nation and country, but the ones who have been brain washed without understanding, 
we are there to look after them". He left giving strict orders to take 
me someone else. 
By the lavish outlook it looked like an office. The enriched food, gentle etiquettes 
would compete against any five stars Hotel. I was feeling a little better now. Two 
guards escorted me to a different room where the officer was sitting in a chair. 
Inquiring of my condition he said, "Don't worry! your parents and others are 
doing well, when you feel a little better you can go home. But it is better if you 
go abroad than home. I have made all arrangements for you and your family to 
go abroad so that the terrorist can cause no harm to you. See, this is your plane 
ticket. I have also solved the problem of passport. I have said everything about 
you to my senior officer. Besides the government is very considering towards 
innocent and penitent citizens. You can tell me everything without fear." 
Bones, sculls, the room displayed horrifying scenes of torture. I could hear the 
screams of agony from a distant place. Looking around, the short-lived bliss 
faded away fast. "What are you thinking?" asked the officer calmly. Seeing my 
unsupportiveness he tried different ways to convince me" Even if you don't 
want to speak the truth you can't hold it. It is your responsibility to look after 
the well being of your family. I am giving my word, I will look after your future 
and everything." 
I was sitting in the sofa when few youths were brought forth. They all had clear 
signs of torture in their faces. Two of them identified me and the officer was 
satisfied. They were taken away to give testimonies and be the main witness. 
"We know everything about you. Still I want you to show remorse by giving 
information", said the officer. They showed me some pictures which proves my 
involvement. Felt worse when the youths testified against me. 
"Alright, you don't have to say anything, just sign on this paper" said the officer. 
With my negative indication he turned stiff. Some of the guards seized me, 
forced me to sit on another chair and tied me up. Thus, opened a new chapter 
of torture. My head began to spin; I am turning with the chair, feeling as if 
someone is pulling me away. I am almost unconscious. The torment continued 
in phases. 
Upon gaining consciousness, I found myself in the dark. As the body slowly regained 
sensation, I jolted in disbelief. I was naked. With radiance from somewhere 
I found myself naked in a damp room. Could not hold back anymore. 
Tears began to roll down the eyes. Some men from the elite force (RAB) came 
in and asked me to stand up. My eyes closed in shame and disgrace. 
Again, one question after another. Started giving electric shocks in the hands 
and legs. A saitan came in with a metal detector like thing and started giving 
electric shocks in my private part. I was remembering Allah in myself. Alas this 
world! They call this a Muslim country! All of a sudden a kick from behind threw 
me into the ground. They started giving shocks again, the fingers on the hands 
and feet became numb and turned black. Two men started kicking me incessantly. 
Blood started coming out from different parts of the body. The body is 
shaking with hunger and thirst. When I asked for water they urinated on me. 
In the midst of this they bought a youth. He couldn't stop crying. When they left 
I tried to speak with him. He could speak of crying. When I tried to console him 
he said "everything is over, what is the point in consoling now!" Not finding his 
brother some police in white clothes picked him up from home. Torturing him 
they asked about the whereabouts of his brother. When he didn't say anything 
they brought his father, mother and sister. "They started torturing me in front 
of them and conversely when one of his family members conceded that he has 
information. When I didn't want to speak they took off my clothes. One of the 
them kicked my father on top of me and asked him to rape me. Otherwise they 
threatened to molest my mother and sister. They took off my father's clothes 
in front of me. I don't know if someone had to face more cruel or disgraceful 
situation than this? I couldn't take it anymore when father stood helplessly in 
front of me, beaten up inhumanly. I shouted out, I know everything, I will tell 
you, just let go of my mother and sister. One of them recorded everything and 
sent a message to some particular destination. They let my folks leave but kept 
me here", the boy said sobbing. 
My eyes began to close out of fatigue. Cannot remember when I fell asleep. All 
of a sudden someone kicked me with a boot in the face and instantly they tied 
my legs and hanged me upside down. They started giving electric shocks in the 
hand. My head became heavy. After sometime when I gained consciousness I 
asked for water. Taking permission from the officer they gave me water. 
Felt I was somewhere else now. Beside me are two well built men, trying to 
cover the private parts with their hands. Did not get a chance to speak with 
them. They handcuffed out and hanged us so that we would not be able to sleep. 
They widened our legs and tied them to a support behind us. Felt extreme pain 
in the head and different parts of the body. After a while when we felt sleepy 
in the position they started giving electric shocks. This continued for days and 
night (I tried to guess the time because I would not know) and I reached a point 
of losing mental stability. 
Now they made me stand in a small room. There was no option of moving an 
inch. Felt that the handing position was better than this. Amidst this they gave 
some dry bread to eat. When I found it difficult to intake they brought some 
water. It was not difficult to have the bread with water. Could not keep my eyes 
open anymore. I was just about to sleep when a sharp, needle like iron boulder 
started descending on top of my head making a horrible noise. The boulder 
stopped with my scream in fear. Felt that death was better than this. Now I 
waited to see the end. But the closer it came down, the faster my blood began 
to circulate. 
Cannot take it anymore, I cannot stay up any longer and they would not let me 
sleep. How much longer do I have to stay awake? Following the sound of boots, 
my eyes set on some senior officers. They asked me to speak the truth and help 
them. If I do not do so they warned of more dire consequences. I could no longer 
keep my eyelids open. Instantly a bright light fell over the eyes. Closing the eyes 
was of no avail. It seemed as if the light would penetrate the eyes into my head. 
Having standing is in a place no longer than the size of a pipe, felt my feet would 
start bleeding. I could not take it anymore. I agreed to tell them everything but 
first I want to sleep. The moment they brought me down from the position I fell 
into the floor. 
Awaking from sleep I found myself clothed. They took me to a magistrate and 
showing that day to be the day of arrest they asked for remand. Being granted 
the remand they brought me to the police station and started asking questions. I 
answered that I do not know. There was new beginning of torment. They threw 
me into reservoir. My feet struck pipes three to four foots under water. Instantaneously 
something more poisonous that the venomous snakes began to bite 
me. I understood it was catfish biting my legs. I screamed and lost consciousness. 
The bruises in the legs are still as it was. 
They blindfolded me and were taking me to an unknown destination. When 
they stopped it was dark at night. It is extremely cold; on top of that there is 
not even any cloth to cover your privates. Suddenly a lamp lit up and a female 
officer entered into the room with some female guards. They started poking 
into my sensitive regions, passing filthy remarks. Asked Allah from my heart 
to relieve me from this fitna. The officer left and the women started harassing 
me. I earnestly pray to Allah that he protects the Mu'meens from these filthy 
fitna. Felt strange that they have sold themselves to the order of their officers. 
Sometimes four, sometimes six in number, they abused me for hours displaying 
their body parts. 
They continued with mental torture by connecting a tube in the passage path 
of urine, giving electric sparks, not allowing you to urinate and touching the 
sensitive regions and arousing desires. The room was getting warmer and I was 
no longer feeling the cold. The stimulating music continued. One of the girls was 
standing alone. I noticed her name and figured that she must have born in a 
Muslim household. I tried to give some nasiha and awaken her integrity. By the 
will of Allah, her conscience was stricken although for a moment. Upon questioning, 
she informed, "It is unimaginable that any man would ignore us. Rather 
they would like to die for getting us closer. But you people are completely different. 
That's why girls are used to tease the men and men are used to tease 
the women." 
Later I got to know that our mothers and sisters were sexually harassed in front 
of the brothers. No son or brother or father would be able to stand still seeing 
this harassment. These culprits have no shame in collecting information using 
vile methods. O Allah! We submit our helplessness to You. Verily You accept the 
du'a of the oppressed. I went mad with anger and sorrow. They were threatening 
to kill me in case I do not comply with their proposal. My body was not even 
capable of taking a stroke of a flower. It is impossible to live in this situation 
without any clothes on. 
They blindfolded me and took me somewhere else. I understood that place was 
not far. Then what I saw after opening my eyes was not possible for me to describe 
in words. Even an unusually imaginative person would not dare to think 
how humans were behaving with other humans in this very Muslim land. I was 
not thinking of myself anymore. Seeing the poor condition the brothers were 
put into, especially the senior brothers, I was unable to hold myself strong. My 
whole body was trembling, my words were getting lost. I experienced with my 
own eyes why Allah has promisedso many glad tidings for the Mujahids. One 
Murabit, Mujahid Abdullah ibn Mubarak (rahimahullah) rightly wrote a letter 
to his friend Fudail ibn Ayyad (rahimahullah) who was doing ibadah at the Holy 
Haramain, saying, "When you shed your tears at the Holy Qabah, we shed our 
bloods to establish the Deen of the Owner of this Qabah." 
Every one of us was lying naked in the house of the living dead owned by these 
merciless oppressors. They named it "Interrogation Cell". This was the real account 
of their interrogation. Our Mujahid brothers were in unbearable pain due 
to hunger, thirst, fatigue and above all of these due to constant physical and 
mental torture. These torturers had burnt the hands, beards and other parts 
of the body of some brothers with gunpowder after arresting them. They had 
crashed the legs of some brothers by shooting them with guns. They had made 
injured brothers and sisters crippled by cutting off their limbs in the name of 
medical treatment. I saw with my own eyes that beard of the brothers, the 
Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, was being pulled up with the blunt part of 
an iron cutter. I myself experienced that, nevertheless it is obligatory for Muslim 
men to keep beard. 
They kept us hanging weeks after weeks. They pulled up our nails. They slowly 
burnt attractive and sensitive areas of our body after taking off our cloths by 
dripping hot candles. They crushed us after putting us in between two ladders 
up and down. They made many brothers to sit on an iron chair in a small 
room and tied their hands, legs and bodies with it and then put high voltage 
bulbs over and around the head so closely that if feels like water was getting 
boiled. The defendants were made to urinate in an iron pot connected electrically. 
Blood is about to come out from the private parts and sometimes it really 
bleeds. Brothers were bored through wire-gauze in hands and kept hanging 
from a tree or a pole. Needles were put into the fingers of their hands and legs. 
Different body parts were given electric shock again and again to almost burn 
them. They cut off or disfigure the index fingers and the thumbs of the brothers 
who seemed to be important. Even they cut off their wrists, made them 
crippled by disfiguring their legs so that the brothers cannot be of any use when 
they go out of the prison. They poured water after covering the head completely 
with a cotton cloth or towel drenched with water or liquids like wine, bear, 
soft drinks etc. You would feel like you cannot breathe anymore which is really 
unbearable. If I could write down all the accounts of various types of tortures 
they do, next generation would get to know the real picture of it. Where is their 
humanity? Where are their promises? Where is their slogan for human rights? 
All hollow words! We would request the people of this nation not to get deceived 
by them, not to be afraid of them. Go ahead in raging speed; victory belongs to 
the Mu'min Insha'Allah! 
Anyway, after watching this poor condition of the brothers I realized these 
beasts in the disguise of humans are planning something new. They were monitoring 
our actions. They started interrogating if someone did anything out of 
emotional surge. In spite of that one brother took the risk and made me informed 
through gestures not to drink the water supplied by them or to drink a 
little because that water was mixed with high power sleeping pills. Then I got it 
clear why they provided us with dry bread with water only and why we use to 
feel unusually sleepy after drinking that water. 
I was still lingering in my thoughts, the environment again got intense with 
the sounds from the boots of some uniformed male and female officers and soldiers. 
We were asked to sign some papers. I told that all the allegations brought 
against the brothers were completely false. I would not give false witness. They 
started torturing us at a new level then. They made the junior brothers to beat 
our respected senior brothers. Who would inspire us in the matter of the Deen 
even with their simple presence, whom we all would not get a chance to serve, 
to insult those brothers the culprits had kept us all together in this inhuman 
situation. Soon I realized that I was going to be tested like never before in my 
Threatening our handsome brothers to torture outrageously, those hyenas threw 
them off to the floor and pressed their legs with their boots after binding their 
hands. My whole body was shaking in anger but no one is free. What can we 
do? We were perplexed. Then they started another level of torturing. When 
threatening, beating, electric shock did not work, one sick devil from the hell 
started abusing abhorrently which I cannot utter and said, "You need not to 
be a witness; now you go rape your daddy. Otherwise I would not spare any of 
you." After saying this he pushed me against one of my brothers. Shouting "Allahu 
Akbar" at the top of my voice I rolled myself aside and said, "I will sign the 
papers, but before that let the bothers be dressed." 
Then they took me to another place covering my eyes; I had no idea what 
happened to those brothers. Seeing the condition of that new place I mentally 
prepared myself for death. They said, "What information do you have to help 
us against the terrorists, give us, we won't harm you." I kept silent and seeing 
that they tried to tempt me again. Then one human-shaped beast put a wet 
pad of clothes around my throat tightly. When they were convinced that I deceived 
them, they did not delay at all to provide electricity to the wed pad. In 
a moment, I was dumbfounded; I was like a living dead person!!! "O Allah, I am 
in need of any help You offer me. I submit my helplessness to you. Forgive me 
and all the Mu'min brothers. Protect me from this great trial. Make it easy for 
the brothers. O Allah! I surrender my family to Your Guardianship. Restrain the 
hand of the oppressors. Make division among them, destroy them!" 
They took me to the magistrate. I was bleeding and in a critical state. I let them 
know through my gestures that I was not going to give false witness. The magistrate 
threw me away by kicking me form his bench, blood got curdled in my 
mouth. They sent me back to the prison fearing my condition would get worse. I 
kept laying with my nearly dead body; they gave me two very old dirty blankets 
to cover myself. They made me to stay alone in a room depriving me of all the 
special facilities of the prison hospital. By the mercy of Allah I started to recover 
well after suffering for a long period. My pain seemed insignificant when I saw 
brothers shot by bullets were left alone without any kind of treatment in the 
prison. Here our bothers were not even given the normal status of defendants 
rather they had to pass their days in constant degrading treatment. 
Many young brothers are made to stay together with wicked criminals. Those 
innocent brothers have to stay awake night after night to save themselves from 
vile sexual torture. There is no account of how many brothers had been belabored 
with stick for the crime of protesting these acts! They had been beaten brutally 
in their knees, feet, and buttocks and after making them injured severely 
they were sent to different prisons as rebels so that they can be tortured again 
blindfolded. They were not allowed to get any so-called legal help or to submit a 
deny petition. They were prevented from having the basic right of meeting with 
relatives from the very beginning of getting arrested. Some prisons do not even 
permit any meeting with the family members during Eid celebration. Prison 
authorities frequently appropriate the money given by the parents. Indecent 
harassment in the name of searching is a common incident. Brothers are bound 
to stay with smokers, drug addicts and other wicked criminals. They are to put 
shackles all day and nights. Brothers suffering from tuberculosis do not get any 
medical treatment. Many brothers are almost paralyzed and have lost their 
mental stability due to constant exposure to physical and mental abuse. Brothers 
killed without any treatment are told to be dead because of heart attack. 
We have to follow rules strictly like an army camp. We do not get any scope for 
studying. If they find out one pen from us, we are ordered to be hit hundred 
times with sticks. They made us to wear black jom cap for silly excuses, to give 
rounds in front of the criminals blindfold and they kept us hanging from tall 
trees after putting handcuffs on our hands. They keep the brothers in the jail 
years after years without any charge. They are not even sent to the court rather 
they get the worst behavior all the time. Other criminals are made agitated 
against the brothers and when the dispute gets intense, the authority punishes 
the innocent brothers instead. If any Islamic-minded jail super behaves well with 
the brothers out of sympathy, then they have to go through show-cause to the 
divisional level. But this type of people is rare and understandably they behave 
well by getting impressed of the good character of the brothers. 
Any rational human being does not want to lose his respect even after getting 
tortured. And here my respected brothers have got insults and mockery as their 
companions for years. O Allah! You are our only Guardian, only You are the 
Helper. You are the Protector of the child Musa. You are the Helper, the Guide 
who provided shelter and safety to the young people of the cave. You are Azizul 
Haqim and we are the oppressed for the sake of your Deen. O Allah! You are the 
best Planner! Forgive us and make us companions of those who are the pioneer 
for the sake of your cause. Give us strength to carry on in the way of Eeman. 
O Muslim brothers who are still outside of the prison, I call you to engage yourselves 
in fulfilling the commands of Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala. I feel pleasure in 
my heart seeing you being steadfast in Jihad for the sake of Allah at the face of 
numerous troubles. We know that only we are not the oppressed in this land, 
this caravan is very large. We want your du'a and love for the imprisoned Muslim 
brothers and sisters. Are you capable of doing something for those who are 
tortured in the dark prisons of the Jews-Christians, polytheists-disbelievers, 
apostates and atheist taghoots? And are you commanded to do anything to 
make the impossible possible? Remember the commandment of Allah: 
And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of Allah, and for 
those weak, ill¬-treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, 
whose cry is: "Our Lord! Rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors; 
and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one 
who will help." [Surah Nisa, 4:75] 
Only Allah will make the path to freedom from this inhuman torture easy for 
us. Only He will save us from this indescribable nd sorrowful situation. Only He 
will cure us from the disgraceful ailments from which we are suffering and getting 
restless in ill-treatment, carelessness and negligence. He will loosen their 
hands of those who have kept us captive unjustly. We submit our tears, our 
helplessness to Him. O Allah! Our Sustainer! Our Rab! Make us free from these 
tyrants. Send us a helper, a protector from Your side. You are the only one who 
takes revenge on the arrogant tyrant for the sake of those who are powerless 
and oppressed. In the end, all the praises be to Allah! Prayer and peace be upon 
our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions. 
Original letter was at Bangla format.Translated by a Muwahid Brother.Written at safar-1432.january 2011
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