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Radiant Pages From The (examples) of The Worship of The Scholars

Ibn Al Juwziee said: Whoever does not read the stories of the Salaf and the path that they tread, he can never tread that path.  It is befitting for a person to know and understand that the nature of an individual … Continue reading

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Distinguishing Sunnah from Arab Custom

Questioner: May Allaah bless you, what is the criterion according to the Islamic legislation for distinguishing between the Sunnah which is considered custom and the Sunnah which is considered worship? Sheikh Albani:The criterion requires a level of knowledge as relates … Continue reading

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Mothers: Producers of Heroes

From the Words of ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam… “…Mothers play a great role in building a generation. The better a mother is at raising her children, the more successfully the Ummah is built and the more successful it is at producing heroes. … Continue reading

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