Imam Sufyaan and Poetry

Some of the deepest of emotions Sufyaan felt he could express in Verse form only. His poems are meant to be spoken and read in Arabic, so the reader should of course expect a loss in meaning and beauty in the translation; nonetheless, given that the reader may benefit from the meanings of Sufyaan’s poems, here are a few of them:

… 1) If you do not travel with the provision of piety,

And if you meet after death one who did have that provision a plenty,
You will regret that you had not been like him,
And that you did not save up (for the Hereafter) as he did.

2) If you do not apply the knowledge you have, it will be a proof against you,
And you will not be pardoned for what you are ignorant about,
If you are a person who has been given knowledge, then know this:
The speech of a man must be confirmed by his deeds.

3) Be happy with the religion and forsake the life of kings, just as
Kings are happy with life and have forsaken the religion.

Source: Biography of Imam Sufyaan ath-Thawri

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