The Arkaan (Pillars) of Gratitude

Pertaining to what Al Baaree [The Originator (Allah-subhaanah] mentioned with regards to His Favours conferred upon the slaves, of the facilitation of the means of transport (through riding beasts and ships):

”In order that you may mount on their backs, and then may remember the Favour of your Lord when you mount thereon, and say: ”Glory to Him Who has subjected this to us, and we could never have it (by our efforts).  And verily, to Our Lord we indeed are to return!” (43:13-14)

Mentioned (in the above) are the three pillars of gratitude, and they are:


2.Proclamation of the Blessings of Allah, Speaking about it, and Praising Allah with regards to that.

3.Submission to Allah, and seeking aid by way of that in actualizing the worship of Allah.

That is because the intent behind the statement of Allah, ”And verily, to Our Lord we indeed are to return”, is acknowledgement of recompense and being prepared for that.  The objective of these favours is that they are an aid by which the slave (seeks) to fulfil that which Allah has designated for him (with regards to acts of worship and obedience Him)

And concerning Allaah’s saying: ”And then may remember the favour of your Lord when you mount there on”, this is a specific mention of these (favours) in this state, (at the time in which these favours are being conferred upon the slave). That is because blessings intoxicates many amongst the creation and makes them more heedless of Allah. It imposes upon them more evil and thanklessness. Therefore, this state which Allah commanded (i.e. the state in which the slave remembers Allah for His Favours), is medication for this destructive ailment.

When the slave remembers that he is covered by the blessings of Allah and that nothing is from himself), rather blessings have an origin (i.e. all blessings are from Allah), and that its means are facilitated and its obtainment made easy, and that it remains and continues (and) that which opposes it is repelled, and that all of this is from Allaah; so when the slave recalls this (in his mind and heart), he submits to Allah, humbles himself and thanks and Praises Him.  And through that the slave is given continuous blessings.  Allaah blesses him in this, so that it becomes true blessings.



Fataawa Sadiyyah page:61

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