Mistakes done in Sujud

While being in the State of Sujud, some muslims abandon the Sunnah of Tajafi which is to lift one’s belly up wards away from one’s thighs and one’s arms away from one’s sides as far as possible provided one does not cause inconvenience to the one next to him. It also includes that one lifts one’s arms from the ground putting only his hands on it at the level of his shoulders or ears not at the knees. However, a muslim must not exaggerate in doing Tajafi by straightening his back to an extent that he looks like the one lying on the ground. This is indeed a detested exaggeration.(3)

Tajafi must be done in a moderate manner; stretching not one’s back too much nor huddling oneself too much.

Some muslims behave like animals in their Salat the thing that indicates their sense of carelessness towards it.

Some of them may look here and there like a fox does, spread their arms on the ground like lions, do their Salat so quickly in the same manner a crow does when eating, stick to a certain place in which one does his Salat like a camel does regarding his resting place, sit on one’s buttocks spreading one’s feet like dogs do when they sit, or moving one’s hands to the left and to the right when reciting Taslim in the same manner horses move their tails.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said: ‘Our Shari‘ah prohibited that a muslim act in the same manner the Kuffar, animals, demons, bedouins or women [as for men] act. While being in Salat, we [muslims] are also forbidden to act in the same manner animals or the ignorants behave.(4)

’Anas (Radhi Allaahu Anhu) related that the prophet (Sallalahu Alahi wa Sallam) said:

‘Straighten your selves when doing Sujud; never spread your arms on the ground as dogs do’.(5)

Explaining this hadith, Imam An-Nawawi said: ‘The hadith means that when prostrating, a muslim must put his hands on the ground lifting his arms a way from it and totally a way from his sides that his armpits could be seen in case they were uncovered. This manner of doing Sujud is recommended by all ‘Ulamah, if it was abandoned one incurs a sin upon himself but his Salat is valid, Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) knows best.

The ‘Ulamah stated that the rationale behind such a manner of doing Sujud is to show complete submission [to Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala)] and it gives a sense of activity. On the other hand, spreading one’s arms on the ground -like dogs do when they sit- cast a sense of carelessness towards Salat and not being fully given to it’.(6)

It is of Sunnah that one’s feet be erected in Sujud, heels be close together and toes be directed to the Qiblah.(1) Unfortunately, this Sunnah has been abandoned by many muslims. I hope that these few lines get them to remember it and put it under application. May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) guide us to follow his prophet’s (Sallalahu Alahi wa Sallam) Sunnah.

It is also a mistake to put one’s fists on the ground when doing Sujud as some people do and so is the case with putting one feet on the other. May Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) guide us and them to the right.

Want to know the Correct way of offering Salah (Prayer) according to the Qur’an and Sunnah? InshAllah please visit the following link to get a detail explanation of the prayer from beginning to the end:



The Clarified Ruling Of Mistakes Done In Salat – By: Mashhur Hasan Al Salman

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1 Response to Mistakes done in Sujud

  1. Anonymous says:

    Assalam mualaikum i heard but i am not cleared if one Muslim do while sujud like hands enough away from knees, is that good?, E:G enough distance between hands and knees while shujud prolong and vast the grave of Muslim is it correct and i will be thankful if you would like to answer me with any reference ,
    Zahid Rehaman

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