“…As if you weren’t meant to expire and be forgotten?”

This is a beautiful admonishment I came across yesterday. It is from Imam Ibn al-Jawzi (rahimahullah). Please take this reminder to heart, act upon it and share with those that you love for them what you love for yourself (admonishment, rectification, guidance).al Imaam Ibnul Jawzee Said:


“O you who persists on mistakes and wrong doings;

O you who has turned away from what the most Loving and Compassionate commands;

O you who obeys the falsifier of the path and the creator of calamities .

How long are you going to insist on your misbehavior?

How long are you going to keep yourself distant from your Lord?

How long will you seek from this world what you cannot have, and keep away from the other world by that which you cannot possess?

Neither are you sure of what Allah prepared of sustenance for you, nor are you satisfied with that which He has commanded for you.

O my brother, by Allah! Admonition does not seem to benefit you!

Afflictions do not seem to threaten you!

Time does not leave you and the call of death does not reach your ears!

As if, you poor man, would live forever and you weren’t meant to expire and be forgotten?”

Source: al Bahr ad-Dumoo’ -The sea of tears

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4 Responses to “…As if you weren’t meant to expire and be forgotten?”

  1. _Hayaa_ says:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu…Masha’Allah,really,that’s one of the beautiful sayings that i came across too.I got some collections of your posts and other resources that I added to my blogsite which i think is beneficial for the Muslim Ummah insha’Allah and used it for the purpose of Da’waah.I would like to tell you also that I included yours as one of the authentic links that I loved most…Kindly check it out, its http://hayaa0285.blogspot.com….May Allah ‘azza wa jall reward you with your good intention.Allahumma Ameen…Here is my share,

    Shu’ayb ibn Ahmad once recited to Sulayman ibn Yazid:

    Don’t you see how a person exerts his years of youth,
    But fate and destiny seem to disrupt the lives of men.
    So there is he who tastes the bitter cup of death,
    And there is he who awaits a similar experience.
    They have in store for them, a rapid and passing provision,
    And all must one day drink from the cup of death.
    There is no inheritor except that his wealth will be inherited,
    And there is no plunderer except that he will soon be deprived.
    There is none who shows affection except that his love is sold,
    And there is no blessing except that it will soon depart .
    There is no healthy or afflicted one whom days consume,
    Except that it will soon go and be removed.
    I see people as guests, who have settled in estrangement,
    Their days revolving around them, and overturning them.
    There is a charm in this home of delusion which they have built,
    But they have surely seen and experienced its rapidness and fleet.
    So they criticize the Dunya (world) but yet they don’t desist from its milk,
    Indeed, I have not seen the like of this world; it’s criticized yet milked.
    It delights them abruptly, yet it harms them suddenly,
    … A painful and hurtful burn, its heat still in flames.

    Rawdhatul-’Uqala [post 5]

    Barakallahu feek…

  2. Muslim says:

    asalamulikum jazakallah for your effort May Allah except it from you and me.
    I will def. cheak out your page inshallah
    barakallah feek

  3. _Hayaa_ says:

    Wa feeka barakallahu Akhy for allowing me to get the links and other posts that you had in your blogsite,alhamdulillahi rabbil alameen…Insha’Allah,I will try to add it tomorrow…Again,thank you so much for the kindness…Allahumma ameen to your du’aa…

    Allah,the Exalted has said:

    ” O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female,and made you into nations and tribes,thay you may know one another.Verily,the most honourable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa [he is one of the Muttaqun (the pious)].[49:13]

    He `azza wa jall further said:

    “Help you one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa (virtue,righteousness and piety).[5:2]

    Wa jazakum….

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