15 Signs to Know If You’re Stuck-up (arrogant)

1) When anyone (honestly) points out your mistakes, you don’t or can’t acknowledge them.

2) When speaking in a gathering, you like to be at the top or you enjoy being the center of attention.

3) When talking to someone, you would rather have them listen to you than listen to what they say, or you barely give them a chance to speak.

4) When looking at someone, you look at them from head to toe, judging them based on their looks and appearance.

5) When walking with a group, you make sure that you, always or most of the time, walk ahead of everyone else.

6) When walking, you literally stick your nose up in the air.

7) You look down on people who have less than you –less wealth, intelligence, achievements, status, good looks etc. forgetting that all of what you have come from Allah.

8) You love being praised, even for things that you yourself haven’t done.

9) When people give you sincere advice, you don’t take them into consideration and think you’re always right when you could be in the wrong.

10) You don’t listen to anyone’s opinions but your own. Likewise, you love to give orders, yet don’t like people ordering you around.

11) When someone asks you to forgive them for something bad they might’ve done to you, you turn your back at them and refuse to forgive.

12) You make fun of others sometimes for absolutely no reason e.g. laughing at someone when they make a mistake or mocking people’s accents

13) You can’t afford to say you’re sorry when you have to.

14) You think it’s ok to talk trash about others, while you forbid them talking bad about you.

15) You search for other people’s flaws/mistakes while forgetting your own, and think others are inferior to you.

The Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) mentioned that anyone who has (even) an atom weight of pride/arrogance will not enter Heaven. Pride/arrogance is looking down on people and disdaining the truth. Allah knows best. We should avoid arrogance (Kibr) and anything that indicates arrogance. An advice for all of us, including myself.

May Allah protect us from bad character/quality that displeases Allah. Ameen.

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