Whoever Obeys Allah, Everything Obeys Him

From the Words of ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam…

“Ibn al-Qayyim said: “Using one’s bodily organs in the obedience of Allah strengthens them, while using them to disobey Allah weakens them.”

He dedicated an entire chapter to this, in his amazing book, ‘al-Fawa’id, and I had touched upon this in previous recorded lectures of mine. Even the jinn and humans assist the believer if he obeys Allah. To make a long story short, whoever obeys Allah, everything will obey him. And we informed you that, on the day that ‘Uqbah bin Nafi’ wanted to establish the city of Qayrawan in the middle of a thick jungle, he prayed two rak’ahs, and said: “O you vicous beasts! O you wild animals! O you poisonous snakes! We are the army of Muhammad! We want to establish ourselves here, so, leave!” Minutes later, all of the animals in the area carried their offspring, and left them the jungle.

Whoever obeys Allah, everything obeys him! Everything!

On the day that they were in Persia (Iraq), one of the Companions – and the Companions had never learned the Persian, Roman, or Assyrian languages – said something in Persian, so, the Persian troops evacuated. He does not know Persian, nor does he know Pashtu! So, when they ran away, the Companions caught up with them, imprisoned them, and asked them: “Why did you run away?”

They replied: “We heard, from the tongue of your companion, that you had come to eat us up, so, we ran away!”

The Companions asked the Companion who’d said this: “What did you say?”

He replied: “I have no idea.”

The Angels had spoken on his tongue! We had mentioned before that the Angels would speak through the tongue of ‘Umar. An Angel, speaking in his name. Because of this, sometimes, a devil will speak on the tongue of the human! If he is angry, for example, Satan will speak on his tongue. Therefore, it is advised that he perform ablution, in order to expell the Devil, because “nothing puts out the Devil other than the water of ablution.”

So, the obedience of Allah…ya Salam! I am amazed at how humanity lives, my brothers!”

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