How the Believer Relaxes

From the Words of ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam…

“…The stronger a person’s connection with his Lord becomes, the more he will feel relaxed. This is why they said to Ibn al-Mubarak: “Who are the kings?” So, he replied: “Those who abstain from the worldly pleasures.” They asked him: “Who are the lowest of people?” He replied: “Those who eat with their religion,” meaning they are hypocritical with the people. So, they do this for a bite of food or a badge of honor, or any other worldly gain. They asked him: “Who are the lowest of the low?” He replied: “Those who ruin their religion in order to gain wordly benefit for others.”

One of them would describe himself, saying: “We are in such a state of happiness that if the kings and their sons knew of it, they would fight us with swords over it.” So, our happiness is greater than the happiness of the kings! And if they knew of this happiness that we had, they would fight us with weapons for it!

When Ibn Taymiyyah came into conflict with the ruler, the ruler said to him: “I know that you see the people gathering around you, and this made you greedy for my kingdom.” So, Ibn Taymiyyah replied: “Listen! By Allah, I would not pay a single dirham for your kingdom!” Not a single one! But, the ruler is fearful for his throne, and Ibn Taymiyyah is relieving him by telling him that he would never buy his kingdom…

This is all the result of the happiness and honor that they were immersed in. Of course, the people of the dunya do not understand any of this. They only understand things in the context of the world they are living in, the cars they drive, the money they have, etc…

Then, in addition to the happiness that immerses such a person…why does a person become relaxed? A person becomes relaxed as the result of worship, because this fills the empty space inside. That empty space that is reserved specifically for worship becomes filled with it. So, a person becomes relaxed when he fills himself with worship, just like when a motor is filled with oil…”

[‘at-Tarbiyah al-Jihadiyyah wal-Bina”; 5/26-27]

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