al Baghdaadee

Knowing the Scholars: Abu ‘Ubayd al Qaasim ibn Salaam al Baghdaadee

Full name: Abu ‘Ubayd al Qaasim ibn Salaam al Baghdaadee

An Imaam in language, Fiqh, Hadeeth, Qira-aat and History. He was born in Hiraat, his father was a European slave from the people of Haraat.

He traveled to seek knowledge and studied the Arabic language under the most prominent scholars of Basrah and Koofah.

He was a man of virtue and dignity. He was the judge of Tarsoos for eighteen years.

Abu ‘Ubayd gained knowledge in a variety of sciences and authored books in every science which were sought in all lands as was stated by al Qaftee.

Ibn al Anbaaree stated: “Abu ‘Ubayd used to split the night into three parts; he would pray for a third, sleep for a third and write books for a third.”

Ibn Ma’een stated: “Abu ‘Ubayd is Thiqah.

Al Imaam Ahmad stated: “Abu ‘Ubayd is amongst those who increase in goodness everyday according to me.”

Abu Dawood stated: “Abu ‘Ubayd is trustworthy.”

Ad Dar Qutnee stated: “Abu ‘Ubayd is a Faqeeh, a Muhaddith, a linguist and from the scholars of Qira-aat.

Ibn Hibbaan stated: “He was one of the Imaams of the world; a person of Hadeeth, Fiqh, piety, mannerisms, history and gathered knowledge and authored books. He defended Hadeeth and supported it and destroyed those who opposed it.

‘Alee ibn ‘Abdul ‘Azees stated: I heard Abu ‘Ubayd al Qaasim ibn Salaam saying: “One who follows the Sunnah is like one who holds burning coal, and it these time of ours, to me he is better than one how is killed in the path of Allah.

Al Hasan ibn Sufyaan stated: I heard Ishaaq ibn Rahooyah saying: “Abu ‘Ubayd is more knowledgeable than us, more mannered and has gathered more. We are in need of Abu ‘Ubayd, and Abu ‘Ubayd is not in need of us.

Ibraheem ibn Ishaaq al Harbee stated: “I have met three people whom you will never find the likes of them, women would be unable to give birth to the likes of them. I met Abu ‘Ubayd al Qaasim ibn Salaam, nothing is like him except a mountain that a soul has been blown into…”

Hilaal ar Raqee stated: “Allaah has blessed the Muslims with these four; Ash Shaafi’ee in his understanding of Fiqh and Hadeeth, Ahmad ibn Hanbal in the Mihnah, Yahyaa ibn Ma’een in negating the lies and Abu ‘Ubayd in explaining the difficult words in Hadeeth. Were it not for that the people would have been thrown into destruction.”

He traveled to Makkah to perform Hajj and remained there until he died.

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