Aquiring Knowledge From Books Only

The Book Of Knowledge: The Salaf On Aquiring Knowledge From Books Only

Chapter: Making Ones Book One’s Shaykh

Muhammad Ibn Sireen said:

“Beware of books as those before you were mislead by books”

The Salaf used to say to People:

“And who is your Scholar, or where are your Scholars and they hated the one who had no scholars and just aquired the Knowledge from books”

It was reported that the Salaf also said:

“Whoever enters knowledge alone, he will emerge alone”

Imam Awzaee & Abdullah Ibn Mubarak both said:

“This knowledge used to be noble when men took it from other men. but when it entered into books, those who were not fit for it became involved in it”

Abdullaah Bin Ubaid said:

“Indeed, if the students reach the Scholars, then scholars will pass away and knowledge will remain with the students. And knowledge will depart if the students do not reach it (i.e. take it from the Scholars)”‘

Imam Shafi said:

“Whoever seeks knowledge from the Roots of the books, he will let the Rulings go to waste (ie.lack fiqh)”

Some of the Salaf mentioned:

“From the greatest afflictions and tribulations are those who become shuyukh through the sahifah”

Suleyman Ibn Musa Al-Amawi said:

“The Quran is not to be taken from the mushafiyyeen, and do not take Knowledge from the saahifiyeen”

Sa’eed Ibn Abdul Aziz said:

“The Knowlegde is not to be taken from a sahafiyy and do not take the Quran from a mushafiyy”

Imam Adh-Dhahaabi Said about Ali Ibn Rizwan:

“He did not have a teacher (shaykh). Instead, he busied himself with learning knowledge from books alone. He authored a book about acquiring a skill or craft solely by reading books and that this was more appropriate for the student. But this is wrong.”

Ibn Butlan said:

“From the reasons that it is prohibited and not like by the Salaf to do this (take knowledge solely from books), is because what may occur, by a person who is a beginner in seeking knowledge,he may easily confuse one word for the other (due to early arabic having no vowel symbol). this being the case, the Scholar who is firmly grounded in his knowledge will be able to take books (and understand what the student cannot) and the student will allow him to read the book and explain it to him”

He also said:

“There are things that exist in the books that divert one from Knowledge, and they are non existent in a teacher, and it is due to distortion that occurs due to resemblance of the letters, in addition to non-existence of the pronounciation, and the mistakes that occur due to straying of the eyes, lack of experience in iraab, corruption of the existing book, handwriting cannot be read, or reading that which is not written, not knowing the madhab of the author, poor quality of scripts, poor transcription, lack of stopping at the correct punctuation, mixing up terminologies of different subjects and using the terminilogy of one subject in context of others. and the exitense of greek terminology that the writer did not take from the arabic language. all of these things mentioned obstruct knowledge and the learner is relieved of them when he reads it to his teacher”

As-Safadeee mentioned:

“For this reason the scholars said do not take Knowledge from a person who aquires it from books”


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