Turning Away From The One Who Has No Shaykh

Shaykh Al-Awamah said:

“And they (the ‘ulama) never used to pay attention to one who did not have shuyookh (teachers) in al-ilm (studies), and such an individual had
neither value nor a status in their eyes”

[“Adabul-Ikhtilaaf”, 144].

Not Debating & Discussing Matters Of The Religion With Him (The One With No Shaykh)

Al-Qadhi Iyadh narrated:

“When Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was requested by the ruler of his time (al-Mu’tasim) to discuss a certain matter with Ibn Abi Du’ad, he (Imam Ahmad) turned his face away and said: “How can I converse with a person whom I have never seen at the door of any Aalim?”

[“Adab Al-Ikhtilaf”, 144].

Reasons Why

1. They Are Prone To Many Mistakes

Shaykh Al-Awamah said:

“In fact, they wouldn’t even consider such a person worthy of being spoken to (in matters of knowledge) due to him being
prone to mistakes”.

2. They Do Not Understand Rulings because of Their lack of Fiqh

Al-Sakhawi said:

“And it was said: “The one who enters knowledge on his own, will exit it on his own”, meaning, a person who seeks knowledge without a “Shaykh”, will come back without any knowledge” (because he will not understand the rulings).

[“Al-Jawahir wal-Durar”, 1/58].

3. They Have The Attribute Of Always Taking the Literal Meanings Of Everything

Al-Khateeb Al-Baghdadi said:

“Many scholars of the classical times had, at the time of death, either destroyed their books themselves or instructed others to do so on their behalf. This was due to fear that it may end up in the hands of ignorant ones who would not understand its verdicts and would only take the apparent meanings therefrom (alaa dhaahir)”.

[“Taqyid Al-Ilm”, 61].

Yahya Ibn al-Ma’in said:

“Literally understanding the words of a hadith or depending on your interpretation will give you incomplete knowledge.”


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2 Responses to Turning Away From The One Who Has No Shaykh

  1. 5centedblood says:

    Loving the site MashAllah!

    May Allah put much good in it for you, your family and the Ummah.

    (Loving the link also to Dr Khalid)

  2. Muslim says:

    ameen May Allah give you the same for yours

    Barakallah feek

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