The One Who Refutes the People of Innovation is a Mujaahid

The One Who Refutes the People of Innovation is a Mujaahid
Majmuu’ al-Fatawaa by ‘Ibn Taymiyyah
Vol. IV, page: 13 (On-line Shamela Library edition)

So the one who refutes the people of innovation is a Mujaahid to the point that Yahyaa bin Yahyaa (an-Naysabuuree, the ‘Imaam of ‘Imaam ‘Ahmad, Shaykh ul-’Islam; he transmitted from ‘Imaam Maalik, Shareek, and was alive during the time of some of the minor Tabi’een; al-Bukhaaree, Muslim and ad-Daarimee transmit from him) was saying: “The defense of the Sunnah is more meritorious than al-Jihaad” (in the path of Allah; and it was asked: ‘Even if a man exhausts all of his wealth, and put himself through difficulty, fighting, so defending the Sunnah is still more meritorious?’ Yahyaa bin Yahyaa replied: ‘Yes, by much more’. – the wording as found in Siyar ‘Alaam an-Nublaa’ by ath-Thahabee and Buluugh al-Maraam by ‘Ibn Hajar); and the Mujaahid indeed is just in all aspects of his life, even though he would find in it evil people, just as the Prophet  said: Indeed Allah may support this Deen with a wicked man and with people having poor character And the Sunnah continues on account of the validity of waging battle with every commander whether he is just or wicked.

Al-Jihaad is an appreciated act on account that its’ companion is absolutely in the open, and he is appreciated with the good intention, inwardly and outwardly; and the appreciation is based on the following: his assistance to the Sunnah and the Deen, such that there is victory for ‘Islam and the Sunnah- (the Mujaahid) is appreciated for that in such a way.

So the praise of a man according to Allah, His Messenger, and His believing slaves, is proportionate to how much they conform to the Deen of Allah, the Sunnah of His Messenger, and His Laws in all their aspects- then praise (of such a person) is indeed (deserved) from the perceived good (in all of this) (al-Hasanaat).

And what is considered (perceived) ‘good’ (Hasanaat)- it is obedience to Allah and His Messenger vis-à-vis affirming the reports of Allah and obedience to His command (found in them)- and this is the Sunnah.

So the best (of all deeds, actions and conditions- al-Khayr), all of it- in the agreement of the entire ‘Ummah- is in whatever the Messenger of Allah came with.

And there should be no criticism leveled against those who disparage the distorters of the Sunnah, the Laws of Allah, and obedience of Allah and His Messenger, and those who contradict (any) of that. The ‘Ulamaa’, the rulers, and other than them have (spoken out against the distorters), and indeed the people of belief discussed those who contradict the Sunnah and the Laws of Allah (in detail as well).

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