‘Ibaadah and Adherence to the Masjid

al-Hasan al-Basri said, “Whoever competes with you in your Deen, then compete with him, but whoever competes with you in your Dunya, then throw it to him”

It was said to Naafi’. “What did Ibn ‘Umar used to do in his house?” He said, “Wudhu for every salaah and the Mus-haf for what was between them both”

Narrated from Wakee’ who said: “al-A’mash was almost 70 years old and the first takbeer had never passed him. I was with him for more than 60 years and I never saw him perform qadhaa for a single raka’ah”

Bishr ibn al-Hasan, the strong Muhaddith (ended up being) called ‘Saffi’ because he had adhered to the first row (saff) in the Masjid of Basra for fifty years.

Katheer ibn ‘Ubayd al-Himsi was asked about his lack of Sujood as-Sahw in any (of his) salaah and he had led the people of Hims for sixty complete years! He said, “I have never entered through the door of the masjid whilst my soul was occupied with other than Allaah.”

[Ch.4, pg. 209-215]

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