Guard your time, even if it means being blunt at times

Some people once went to a man from the Salaf. They said to him (out of courtesy): “We fear that we are preoccupying you?” He said, “You’re right, indeed I was reading something but I had to leave my reading for your sake!”

A group of people once sat with Ma’ruf al-Karkhi, but they lengthened their stay with him so he said, “Truly, the Angel governing the sun does not tire from running its course (i.e. the sun won’t set soon), so when do you people intend to leave?”

Al-Fudhayl ibn ‘Iyadh said, “I know of a person who counts and holds to account his words from one Jumu’ah to another.”

Some of the Salaf used to say, “If a gathering goes on for too long, the Shayatin (devils) end up gaining a portion from it.”

And one of them adviced his companions saying, “When you leave my home, then go separate ways, for I hope that at least one of you will read the Qur’an on his way. It is the case that when you meet (and walk together), you will only end up speaking.”

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