Being Attentive in Prayer

al-Hasan, may Allāh mercy on him, said, ‘When you stand in prayer, stand in due obedience as Allāh has ordered you, beware of negligence and looking (here and there), beware that Allāh be looking at you while you are looking at something else, asking Allāh for Paradise and taking refuge with Him from the Fire, yet your heart is heedless, not knowing what the tongue is saying.’ It was recorded by Muhammad ibn Nasr al-Marwazi , may Allāh have mercy on him. (1)

Isam ibn Yusuf, may Allāh have mercy on him, passed by Hatim al-Asamm who was talking in his gathering . He asked, ‘Hatim, have you made your prayer good?’ He replied, ‘Yes.’ He asked, ‘How do you pray?’ He replied, ‘I stand at the command, I walk in fear, I commence with the intention, I perform the takbir bearing in mind His greatness, I recite at a measured pace, carefully and with contemplation, I bow with khushu‘, I prostrate in meekness, I sit and read the whole tashahhud, and then I perform the salam in accordance to the Sunnah. I pray with sincerity to Allāh, Mighty and Magnificent, and yet I fear that it will not be accepted of me; however I will preserve it as much as I can until I die.’ He said, ‘Keep talking for you have indeed excelled in your prayer.’


1. Marwazi, Ta’zim al-Qadr al-Salah # 140

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